Global battery developer competitions

We organise global open-source competitions on batteries to foster battery innovation everywhere. BatteryDEV is powered by Battery Associates.


Are you ready to join battery enthusiasts from around the world to solve some of the most challenging battery data problems?


Participants are dedicated to combatting climate change by decarbonising mobility and electricity. We have wide ranging academic and industrial representation.

Our categories

Touching upon every aspect of batteries and their applications


State-of-health & lifetime predictions for your mobility applications

Open-source battery degradation predictions for your needs.

Applications range from electric vehicles (EVs), scooters to smart charging and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G).


Degradation models for stationary applications

Are you wondering how much longer your grid installation will last and what is its (financial) depreciation over time?

Open-source micro-grid software allows you to integrate stationary with mobile applications more effectively.


Machine learning for your R&D

Are you aggregation research data and would be interested in making use of state-of-the art machine learning to predict your battery performance?

This includes academic, institutional and industrial use cases.

Why Us

Reasons to participate in and support BatteryDEV

Strong backgrounds

Our participants are highly trained in batteries and related topics and are coming from leading academic institutions and industry.


Battery code

Our participants are dedicated to advance every aspect around batteries with open-source code.



BatteryDEV is an initiative with participants from all around the world.

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